Hussain Sajwani Talks About The Success Of DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwain is the founder of DAMAC Group. The United Arab Emirates-based company is associated with plush property developments and eye-catching high-end projects. Recently, the company developed a golf course together with Donald Trump’s company. Hussain Sajwani started his career in a different field. Previously, he managed a catering business. His venture served Americans in various parts of the world, including the Gulf, Somalia, and Bosnia. In addition, the company also worked for big American corporations such as Bechtel. The food venture remains an important part of DAMAC Group’s operations. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of Hussain’s first business venture and his opportunity of making friends in high places on a global scale.

Hussain Sajwani is among the individuals that propelled the growth of the property market in Dubai. In the 1990s, he developed a number of hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people coming to the Emirate to do business. In 2002, Hussain Sajwani identified a niche in the real estate market. This way, he incorporated DAMAC Properties. The firm has expanded to become one of the biggest property developers in the Middle East. It has recruited the services of over 2,000 employees. It is also publicly listed in the Dubai Financial Market. DAMAC Properties has one of the outstanding records in the development of luxury properties in the market. To date, the company has developed and sold over 16,800 homes. Moreover, the entity is in the planning stages of constructing over 44,000 units.

Hussain Sajwani’s expertise in marketing, administration, finance and sale of properties has played a pivotal role in enhancing DAMAC Group’s success. DAMAC Properties has developed prestigious projects in Dubai, Doha, Beirut, Jeddah, London, Abu Dhabi and other key cities in the world.

Hussain Sajwani has an incredible relationship with President Donald Trump. Their relationship started well before Trump delved into politics. Hussain notes that he plans to do more business with the renowned businessman. During a recent speech, Trump praised His Dubai business partner by saying that Hussain Sajwani family is the most the beautiful.

Notably, the DAMAC owner supports philanthropic causes. Recently, Hussain Sajwani donated large sums of money to a campaign that aims to cloth a million underprivileged children globally. The vice president and prime minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is credited for initiating the noble program.

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Discovering Richard Mishaan Design Work. He Is the Man Revolutionizing Design

Richard Mishaan is an extraordinary designer, conceived in Colombia and situated in New York. He is an exceptional fashion designer who sought after architecture courses from Columbia University and did training in Philip Johnson’s office. Richard Mishaan grasps tasteful assorted qualities with his interior plans whereby he savors smooth collaborations from low and high, new and old, to extravagant and inconspicuous. Aside from tasking on various private commissions, he restores his cherished decorations boutique that he had from 1997 to 2008 within Greenwich Village area. Richard Mishaan utilizes the place to depict his unmistakably custom-made social events notwithstanding a blend of contemporary vintage and pieces.


Some of his major activities involve performing designs in two Miami hotels including the Wyndham. Mishaan is a yacht designer streamlining on every last bit of accessible space without trading off on tastefulness and solace. To those interested on his journey, Richard Mishaan shares his great experience on his first book “Modern Luxury”, the book which was published in the year 2009. The book depicts the thought behind Mishaan work. Within the book, Mishaan in like manner demonstrates more thoughts that are behind his incredible designs including the manner in which they influence individuals. Joining styles and times is well known at present, yet for Richard Mishaan it is something pretty much of religion in the course of the most recent 30 years.


The idea of properties remaining as great archives for craftsmanship or different social occasions is major for mishaan as seen by the soHo loft. He did the work for a couple, and the thing consolidates everything from contemporary depictions, taxidermy, and amazing classical furniture. In his own Cartagena room, there are 11 depictions of high ships that firmly holds on the divider. Those are not fine artworks but rather solid verification of identity. Mishaan does a significant part of the work to hotels and private residence places including redoing of suites. With different customers, an arbitrary assortment of most costly design choices is okay.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina and the new HuffPost Join Initiatives

Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, has been invited to write several innovative articles since August 2016 for Huffington Post. Reina offers a broad perspective of marketing and video technology trends and adds skillful selling and self-development techniques. In the latest article dated Apr 26, 2017, Reina commented that he is extremely pleased to see culture and fulfillment are taking precedence in the news. Learn more:


HuffPost, the newly named Huffington Post, has almost 200 million readers as of August 2017. Strictly coincidently, Reina placed his last article with Huffington Post a day before they announced the name change. HuffPost stated that they look forward to a partnership with Reina, and Chief Editor Lydia Polgreen commented that since the news source aims “to tell the stories of people who have been left out of the main conversation.” The two companies seem to share the same initiatives, and both parties are eager to continue the relationship. Learn more:


Bob Reina has excelled as a leader and a philanthropist. He says that it has been his goal to help people succeed whether they are employees, customers or people in other nations. Through Talk Fusion, Reina has contributed to orphanages, tsunami relief in the Middle East, offering a 30-day free trial of the successful All-in-One Solution package to anyone with an email address and donating the All-in-One to numerous non-profit organizations. Learn more:


His philanthropic attitude proves to be an inspiration to the entrepreneur community, and he enjoys sharing his methods to success. HuffPost has announced that they look forward to more insightful articles in their newly founded connection.


Bob Reina is gifted in reaching the online business population. He has been heard to say more than once that as a believer in the art of innovation in this world of technology, a brand’s growth is never finished.


Talk Fusion is now one of the leading video-communication companies in the world. In a decade, Reina has designed ideal video products that are sold person-to-person in over 140 countries. The company has been honored with several awards for their top video products while Bob Reina consistently uses new technology in the existing package.


Wild Ark Travel Destinations

Wild Ark is a body that was initially formed by Mark and Sophie to help in wildlife conservation. The two were joined by friends of a similar passion later. The group is committed to teaching people on conserving the wildlife. They aim at making the world safe for future generations. The main agenda of the group is to secure the different greenbelt sections around the world from the threat of being exhausted by greedy money-minded people. Wild Ark further creates research opportunities and helps people reconnect to nature. More than that, the body inspires people to protect wildlife species of all kinds. Learn more:

Travel Destinations Supported by Wild Ark

Mobile Tented Safaris

Mobile Tented Safaris are based in Botswana, and they help tourists see Africa as it looked before it was industrialized. It offers camps that are set in the wilderness, helping travelers enjoy privacy and solace far from the crowds. Moreover, they provide maximum protection to tourists so that the danger of being attacked by animals is zero. Mobile Tented Safaris works together with Leketa Safaris to offer visitors unmatched travel experiences that last from 4 to 13 days. They take you to Chobe National Park, Delta, and Victoria Falls among other destinations.

African Born Beskoke Safaris

African Born offers private luxury safaris to Eat Africa’s wilds and the Indian Ocean. The main destinations are Beskoke adventures where the tourists enjoy exciting wildlife encounters and intimate cultural exchanges. The experience makes the African Born group second to none in guiding you around Africa. What’s more, the group shows tourists and the destination managers the need to observe the conserving heritage. The group mainly deals with the luxury travelers and the experience is based on one’s budget.

African Born was created based on the deep love for Africa’s wild spaces. The firm hope of Sam and Paolo, who are third generation Kenyan family and the team they work with, is that all hosts will enjoy the intimate interaction with Africa’s nature. The couple has since 2011 been termed the finest bush and beach outfitters. The exclusive safaris are offered across Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar. Adventure is center stage when you take the African Born Beskoke Safaris.

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Dick DeVos Clears The Air

Long known for their generous political donations the DeVos family donations to other causes often gets overlooked. While their political donations are substantial, they account for a small portion of the charitable contributions the family has made. With Betsy DeVos named as the U.S. Education Secretary Dick and Betsy DeVos recently decided it was time to set the record straight about their philanthropic giving through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

The data released shows a family that has donated millions of dollars to charities, $11.6 million in 2015 alone and almost $139 million in their lifetimes. Over the last five years, they have contributed $5.3 million in support of Republican political candidates. The DeVos family has been active in Republican politics for several decades, beginning with the co-founder of Amway, Rich DeVos. DeVos senior and his four adult children made $104 million in charitable donations in 2015 ranking them 24th on Forbes’ top donor list. Using the information available Forbes estimates the DeVos family has done around $1.33 billion during their lifetimes or 25 percent of the family fortune.

Betsy DeVos is no stranger to charitable giving. She is the daughter of a wealthy Holland, Michigan industrialist known for his charitable and political donations. Dick and Betsy have made school choice their priority, giving over $3 million to education in 2015 or 26 percent of their entire charitable contributions. Dick DeVos does not feel the current education system is working. He compares it to a civil rights issue, noting that kids growing up in the wrong zip code do not have the same educational opportunities, making it harder for them to realize the American dream. Dick DeVos has made school choice a goal, arguing the one-size-fits-all public education system is not working. That said, he has high praise for the educators themselves, feeling school administrators and teachers are doing a great job.

Tax records from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation indicate that in 2013 most of their donations went to schools in Michigan. Donations made to schools in Midland, Detroit and Grand Rapids. For example, Dick DeVos’ alma mater, Northwood University was the recipient of $200,000. However, there were donations to schools in Wyoming and New Mexico with several gifts to faith-based programs.

Dick DeVos is a staunch supporter of Michigan; he once ran for governor and Grand Rapids in particular. AS far back as 1991 when the city was thinking about building a multi-purpose sports and convention arena, he lobbied against the idea. Dick felt a convention center, located north of the city, would be a detriment to the city’s downtown area. He noted the moving of the Lions and Pistons to cities outside the city turned out to be harmful to Detroit. His opposition led to the formation of Grand Action, a group dedicated to the betterment of the downtown area. This group was instrumental in the construction of several venues that have changed Grands Rapids for the better. They include the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, and the Michigan State University’s medical school to mention only a few. Dick DeVos continues to work for a better education system and the overall good of the people.