Securus Technologies Video Visitations Made Life Simpler for Prisoners Loved Ones

Most of the prisoners in prisons and correctional facilities across the US live far away from their families. It means that they are not able to meet them as much as they would like to. Their family members are torn between meeting them and earning money so that they can plan a trip to the prison to meet them. It is where companies such as Securus Technologies come into play that has made the interaction between the prisoners and their family members much more comfortable. By providing communication options such as phone calls and video visitations, Securus Technologies is changing the prison communication industry for the better. It is vital for prisoners to remain in touch with their loved ones so that they can adjust to their lives once they return to the community. Securus Technology provides a support system to the prisoners, so that does not return to the prison upon their release.


I was in prison for a few years, and it was only a year back that Securus Technologies introduced their video visitation services in prison. My family stayed far off from the prison and could come to meet me only once or twice a month. Video visitations made it easier for them to keep in touch with me more often. They just had to book an appointment beforehand, and they could talk to me through the video. My family did not have to waste money and their time to come and meet me. The best part was that I was able to see my son cut his cake on his birthday. It was something that I could not have imagined before Securus Technologies provided their services in prison.


It was not just me; many other prisoners with me were grateful to Securus Technologies for their fantastic service to prisoners.