Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina and the new HuffPost Join Initiatives

Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, has been invited to write several innovative articles since August 2016 for Huffington Post. Reina offers a broad perspective of marketing and video technology trends and adds skillful selling and self-development techniques. In the latest article dated Apr 26, 2017, Reina commented that he is extremely pleased to see culture and fulfillment are taking precedence in the news. Learn more:


HuffPost, the newly named Huffington Post, has almost 200 million readers as of August 2017. Strictly coincidently, Reina placed his last article with Huffington Post a day before they announced the name change. HuffPost stated that they look forward to a partnership with Reina, and Chief Editor Lydia Polgreen commented that since the news source aims “to tell the stories of people who have been left out of the main conversation.” The two companies seem to share the same initiatives, and both parties are eager to continue the relationship. Learn more:


Bob Reina has excelled as a leader and a philanthropist. He says that it has been his goal to help people succeed whether they are employees, customers or people in other nations. Through Talk Fusion, Reina has contributed to orphanages, tsunami relief in the Middle East, offering a 30-day free trial of the successful All-in-One Solution package to anyone with an email address and donating the All-in-One to numerous non-profit organizations. Learn more:


His philanthropic attitude proves to be an inspiration to the entrepreneur community, and he enjoys sharing his methods to success. HuffPost has announced that they look forward to more insightful articles in their newly founded connection.


Bob Reina is gifted in reaching the online business population. He has been heard to say more than once that as a believer in the art of innovation in this world of technology, a brand’s growth is never finished.


Talk Fusion is now one of the leading video-communication companies in the world. In a decade, Reina has designed ideal video products that are sold person-to-person in over 140 countries. The company has been honored with several awards for their top video products while Bob Reina consistently uses new technology in the existing package.


Mike Baur – Inspirational Businessman

Mike Baur, a Swiss Businessman, is a managing partner and Co-cofounder of Swiss Startup Factory. He began the Factory in 2014 with two other individuals, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer and with 20 years of banking under his belt he has managed to take the banking world by storm. Responsible for the Financial aspect of SSUF (Swiss Start-Up Factory) he also manages fundraising. As a Zurich-based accelerator they, with the help of Mike, use their strong network in Switzerland to provide opportunities around the globe.


With a massive company to handle and the idea that they can assist in start-ups the company, and Mike Baur himself, have become increasingly popular. He has participated as a Jury member at the Start Summiteer, which is a pitching contest at the University of St Gallen. He has managed to capture the attention of The Wall Street Journal, who profiled his early career with banking and entrepreneurship. This allowed him to get a solid name in the United States and made him recognizable in his field in the USA.


All this responsibility and publicity is well handled and hasn’t seemed to hinder Baur in his rise, having partnered with Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion in 2016 to launch his accelerator start-up program to assist startups as quickly as possible. He managed to rise in the ranks of banking and entrepreneurship to make a name for himself and create his own legacy in the world of startups. Supported by companies such as Investment and Swiss Startup INVEST they have become Switzerland’s number 1 independent accelerator, allowing them to be the forefront of conversation in the field.


Mike Baur has made some amazing leaps and bounds, from banking to running his own top-rated startup right out of Switzerland. He has risen as a businessman up to the ranks to a co-founder of his own company, dropping him into the spotlight of those looking to follow his example. Baur has inspired a mass of people to attempt to rise and push themselves, to try to accomplish all that they can as best as they can, an inspiration that had risen from the ranks of regular old banking, into the spotlight. He assists other companies with his startup program and has been backed by other startups. Which, paired with his skill, makes him and all that he has created something to look up to. An inspiration to all the entrepreneurs out there.